What is Swoops?

Swoops is a blockchain-powered, basketball simulation game that allows users to assemble 100% unique teams, enter real money contests with their squads, and win daily cash prizes. We are creating a basketball utopia centered around skill and discovery - built and owned by fans.
We empower users to play the roles of owner, general manager, coach, and player, where they can own, trade, and stake players for digital rewards across seasons. Users will experience a play-and-earn game that looks and feels like daily fantasy basketball but with its own IP and world of cybernetic Swoopsters, each a one-of-one player that evolves and ages over time.
If you’ve ever dreamed of owning, operating, and monetizing your own basketball franchise, this is your chance!

Who are we?

We are a product-driven team of technologists and gaming enthusiasts, makers, and hackers who are passionate about the virtual basketball revolution.
Manish Sinha Co-Founder & CEO @manishsinhaha
David Goldberg Co-Founder @davidrgoldberg
Josh Fisher Head of Community @annyongnewman
Jeremy Darlow Head of Marketing @jeremydarlow
Nate Wang Head of Operations @natewangxyz
Our mission is to inspire generations of sports fans by building an immersive consumer gaming experience. Our work is inspired by the team's past lives at:
  • Adidas, Big League Advance, CBS Sports, Chicago Sky, Disco, Flatiron Health, Golden State Warriors, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, NASA, NBA, Rappi, Salesforce, Sleeper, South Park Commons, Spring Health, Ubisoft, The White House, and more.

Who are our Believers?

We raised $3.5M from some of the most respected investors across crypto, gaming, and sports, including:
  • Courtside Ventures;
  • Alpaca VC;
  • Slow Ventures;
  • Red Beard Ventures;
  • Gary and AJ Vaynerchuk;
  • Multiple NBA team owners;
  • Jason Robins (DraftKings CEO);
  • And strategic angels.