Season Logistics

Each Swoops season will last 12 weeks and will be followed by a week of offseason. Users will have new sets of challenges to complete in the game, and players will also evolve – gradually unveiling their attributes.

Over the course of the season, Swoops will host special events, such as player clinics, All-Star Weekend, playoffs, end-of-season trophies, and more. And during the offseason, players will advance along their development curve, and a new class of rookies will be minted.

For Season 0, the duration will be a unique X weeks of game time for users to familiarize themselves with game mechanics. From Season 1 onward, more advanced game components will be featured (e.g. player rentals in free agency, real money gaming, retirement, etc.).

Leaderboard and XP

A central component of Swoops is experience points (XP), a unit of measurement that quantifies a user's experience and progression through the game. XP can be gained by entering contests, winning games, achieving certain streaks, and participating in special events, among other actions.

As part of tracking XP, Swoops will maintain a leaderboard that allows users to gain insight into where they stand relative to the community. End-of-season placement in the standings will unlock unique achievements and potential entry into a special tournament.


Once a 12-week season is completed, a series of events is set in motion, beginning on Monday.

  • Day 1: New features for the coming season are unveiled.

  • Day 2: Veteran players evolve – revealing an unknown attribute and progressing along the development curve.

  • Day 3: Incoming class of rookies is minted.

  • Day 4: Players from the rookie mint are revealed.

  • Days 5-7: Training camp to test and discover updated team roster.

Player Mints

Swoops Factory is the birthplace of each player. At launch, we conducted a genesis mint of 1,500 players, whose service levels ranged from two to seven years of experience. With each following season, Swoops will introduce a new cohort of rookies to the game for users to draft and discover their potential.

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