Player Development


As first mentioned in "Player Central", all players experience aging at the end of each season (during week 13). When a Swoopster is assembled in Swoops Factory, it's embedded with DNA that carry genetic instructions for its development, functioning, and growth.

There are two key components of aging:

  • Skill progression along a player's development curve;

  • And skill reveal for a previously unrevealed attribute.

A Swoopster is assigned a prospect rating along with a unique combination of skill attributes. This prospect rating serves as a proxy for a player's floor and ceiling and also affects the rate of progression along the development curve. While the prospect rating is a revealed characteristic, the development curve is not and remains hidden. It is determined at birth and dictates the base speed of progression and regression.

Although there is a base development rate, users may be able to impact player development via a few means (e.g. usage, enhancements, etc.).

Lastly, when a player gains an additional year of experience after each season, a previously unknown skill reveals itself, so you learn how the player is calibrated.


Clinics help you enhance the game performance of your favorite Swoops players. Get in-depth lessons from specialized experts to accelerate player development for a particular attribute.


Retirement is an irreversible, user-led action that is disconnected from player age. Upon retiring, a player will still be available in the locker room but can no longer enter a game or be rented out. The retired player forges a mentorship connection with an active player – linking them together and providing a single-time attribute boost.

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